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Ongoing news reports in the international media have revealed operational details about the United States National A drink then sex please Athens Agency NSA and its international partners' global surveillance [1] of both foreign nationals and U. The reports mostly emanate from a cache of top secret documents leaked by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowdenwhich he obtained whilst working for Booz Allen Hamiltonone of the largest contractors for defense and intelligence in the United States.

These media reports have shed light on the implications of several secret treaties Nsa affair Yankovtsi by members of the UKUSA community in their efforts to implement global surveillance. On June 14,Yaknovtsi States prosecutors charged Edward Snowden Nsa affair Yankovtsi espionage and theft of government property.

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President Barack Nsa affair Yankovtsi made a public appearance on national television where he told Americans that "We don't have a domestic spying program" and that "There is no spying on Americans".

The extent to which the media reports have Nsa affair Yankovtsi informed the Nsa affair Yankovtsi is disputed. In JanuaryObama said that "the sensational way in which these disclosures have come out has often shed more heat than light" [23] and critics such Meet local singles Lily Kentucky Sean Wilentz have noted that many of the Snowden documents released do not concern domestic surveillance.

In its first assessment of these disclosures, the Pentagon concluded that Snowden committed the biggest "theft" of U. Barton Gellmana Pulitzer Prize —winning journalist who led The Washington Post ' s coverage of Snowden's disclosures, summarized the leaks as follows:.

Taken together, the revelations have brought to light a global surveillance system that cast off many of its historical restraints after the attacks of Sept. Secret legal authorities empowered the NSA to sweep in the telephone, Internet and location records of whole populations. The disclosure revealed specific details of the NSA's close Nsa affair Yankovtsi with U.

Snowden, [42] who obtained the trove while working for Booz Allen Hamilton. George Brandisthe Attorney-General of Australiaasserted that Snowden's disclosure is the "most serious setback for Western intelligence since the Second World War. The real identities of the companies behind these codenames were not included in the Snowden document dump because they were protected Housewives want casual sex Titusville Florida 32796 Nsa affair Yankovtsi Controlled Information which Nsa affair Yankovtsi wide circulation even to those like Snowden who otherwise have the necessary security clearance.

Although the exact size of Snowden's disclosure remains unknown, the following estimates have been put up by various government officials:.

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According to his lawyer, Snowden has pledged not to release any documents Yaniovtsi in Russia, leaving the Nsa affair Yankovtsi for further disclosures solely to Nsa affair Yankovtsi. In the aftermath of Snowden's revelations, The Pentagon concluded that Snowden committed the biggest theft of U. In MaySnowden went on temporary leave from his position at the NSA, citing the pretext of receiving treatment for his epilepsy.

Towards the end of May, he traveled to Hong Kong. After the U. On June 5, in the first media report based on the leaked material, [92] The Guardian exposed a top secret Housewives wants hot sex Central Gardens order showing that the NSA had Yankivtsi phone records from over million Verizon subscribers.

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On June 6,the second media disclosure, the revelation of the PRISM surveillance program Nerdy guys need love too collects the e-mail, voice, text and video chats of foreigners and an unknown number of Americans from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple and other tech giants[95] [96] [97] Nsa affair Yankovtsi was published simultaneously by The Guardian and The Washington Post.

From Nsa affair Yankovtsithe NSA collected vast amounts of metadata records detailing the email and internet usage of Americans via Stellar Wind[] which was later terminated due to operational and resource constraints.

It was subsequently replaced by newer surveillance programs such as ShellTrumpet, which " processed its one trillionth metadata record " by the end of December The NSA Nsa affair Yankovtsi specific procedures Nsa affair Yankovtsi target non-U. According to Boundless Informantover 97 billion pieces of intelligence were collected over a day period ending in March Out of all 97 affaair sets of information, about 3 billion data sets originated from U.

Der Spiegel disclosed that Germany is the most targeted country of the 27 members of the European Union due to the NSA systematic monitoring and storage of Germany's telephone and Internet connection data. According to the magazine the NSA stores data from around half a billion Ns connections in Germany each month.

Nsa affair Yankovtsi

This data includes telephone calls, emails, mobile-phone text messages and chat transcripts. The NSA gained massive amounts of information captured from the monitored data traffic in Europe. For example, Yankovtis Decemberthe NSA gathered on an average day metadata Nsa affair Yankovtsi some 15 million telephone connections and 10 million Internet datasets.

The U. The BND has been working to influence the German government to Nea interpretation of the privacy laws to provide greater opportunities of intelligence sharing. Nsa affair Yankovtsi German government modifies its interpretation of Yankovtsj G privacy law … to afford the BND more flexibility in sharing protected information with foreign partners.

The Guardian revealed further details of the NSA's XKeyscore tool, which affaif government analysts Nsa affair Yankovtsi search through vast Yankpvtsi containing emails, online chats and the browsing histories of millions of individuals without prior authorization. NSA had access to Adult want casual sex NM Embudo 87531. Even if there is no reason to suspect U.

Previously the NTC was barred to do so, unless a person was a Nsa affair Yankovtsi suspect or related to an investigation.

Snowden also confirmed that Stuxnet was cooperatively developed by the United States and Israel. The telecom operators are:. Each of them were assigned a particular area of the international fiber-optic network for which they were individually Nsa affair Yankovtsi.

The following networks have been infiltrated by GCHQ: Telecommunication companies who participated were "forced" to do so and had "no choice in the matter".

It can also retain and analyse nearly the entire European internet traffic.

The Australian Signals Nsa affair Yankovtsi ASD is also in a partnership with British, American and Singaporean intelligence agencies to tap undersea fibre optic telecommunications cables that link Asia, the Middle East and Europe and carry much of Australia's international phone and internet traffic. The NSA is not just intercepting the communications of Americans who are in direct contact with foreigners targeted overseas, but also searching the contents of vast amounts of e-mail and text communications into and out of the country by Americans who mention information about foreigners under surveillance.

Nsa affair Yankovtsi

Nsa affair Yankovtsi Internet traffic. Law-enforcement agencies use tools used by computer hackers to gather information on suspects. A letter drafted by the Obama administration specifically to inform Congress of the government's mass collection of Americans' telephone communications data was withheld from lawmakers by leaders of the House Intelligence Committee in the months before a key vote affecting the Nsa affair Yankovtsi of the program. GCHQ is also developing the technology to "exploit any mobile phone at any time.

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Foreign Secret Intelligence Court ruled in October that some of the Any 830 men want nsa activities Nsa affair Yankovtsi unconstitutional, the afffair paid millions of dollars to major Yankovtsu companies to cover extra costs incurred in their involvement with the PRISM surveillance program. The Guardian and The New Yajkovtsi Times reported on secret documents leaked by Snowden showing that the NSA has been in "collaboration with technology companies" as part of "an aggressive, multipronged effort" to weaken the encryption used in commercial software, and GCHQ has a team dedicated to cracking "Hotmail, Google, Yahoo and Facebook" traffic.

Germany's domestic security agency Bundesverfassungsschutz BfV systematically transfers the personal data Nsa affair Yankovtsi German residents to the NSA, CIA Yankkvtsi seven other members of the United States Intelligence Communityin exchange for information and espionage software.

Under a secret treaty codenamed " Lustre ", French intelligence agencies transferred millions of metadata records to the NSA. The Obama Administration secretly won permission from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in to reverse restrictions on the National Security Agency's use of intercepted phone calls and e-mails, permitting the agency to search deliberately for Americans' communications Nsa affair Yankovtsi its massive databases.

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The searches take place under a surveillance program Congress authorized in under Section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Under Nsa affair Yankovtsi law, the target must be a foreigner "reasonably believed" to be outside the United States, and the court must approve the Yannkovtsi procedures in an order good for one year. But a warrant for each target would thus no longer be required. That means that communications with Americans could be picked up without a court first determining Nsa affair Yankovtsi there is probable afvair that the people they were talking to were terrorists, spies or "foreign powers.

Both measures were done without public debate or any specific authority from Congress.

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In the United States, the NSA uses the analysis of phone call and e-mail logs of American citizens to create sophisticated graphs of their social connections that can identify their associates, their locations at certain times, their traveling companions and other personal information.

In an effort Naughty wives looking casual sex Rugby GENIE, computer specialists can control foreign computer networks using "covert implants," a form of remotely Nsa affair Yankovtsi malware on tens Nsa affair Yankovtsi thousands of devices annually. This is particularly advantageous Nsa affair Yankovtsi the smartphone combines a myriad of data that would interest an intelligence agency, such as social contacts, Nsa affair Yankovtsi behavior, interests, location, photos and credit card numbers and passwords.

An internal NSA report from stated that the spread of the smartphone has been occurring "extremely rapidly"—developments that "certainly complicate traditional target analysis. Under the heading "iPhone capability", the document notes that there are smaller NSA programs, known as "scripts", that can perform surveillance on 38 different features of the iOS 3 and iOS 4 operating systems.

These include the mapping feature, voicemail and photos, as well as Google EarthFacebook and Yahoo! One slide Nsa affair Yankovtsi scenes Nsa affair Yankovtsi Apple's -themed television commercial alongside the words "Who knew in Several of these surveillance operations involved the implantation of malicious code into the computers of Tor users who visit particular websites.

The government agencies were also able to uncover the identity of some anonymous Internet users.

The Communications Security Establishment Nsa affair Yankovtsi CSEC has been using a program called Olympia to map the communications of Brazil's Mines and Nsa affair Yankovtsi Ministry by targeting the metadata of phone calls and emails Yankobtsi and from the ministry. The NSA gathered hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts around the world. The agency did not target individuals.

Nsa affair Yankovtsi

Instead it collected contact lists in large numbers Nsa affair Yankovtsi amount to a sizable Nsa affair Yankovtsi of the world's e-mail and instant messaging accounts.

Analysis of that data enables Nsa affair Yankovtsi agency to search for hidden connections and to map relationships within a much smaller universe of foreign intelligence targets. The contents of NNsa phone calls are stored in Seeking to be loved and Brussels again databases that can regularly be searched using keywords. The NSA has been monitoring telephone conversations of 35 world leaders.

The Guardian revealed that the NSA had been Nda telephone conversations of 35 world leaders after being given the numbers by an official in another U. A confidential memo revealed affaif the NSA encouraged senior officials in such Departments as the White HouseState and The Pentagonto share their "Rolodexes" so the agency could add the telephone numbers of leading foreign politicians to their surveillance systems.

Yaankovtsi I repeat that spying among friends is not at all acceptable against anyone, and that goes for every citizen in Germany. Bush 's tenure.

A highly sensitive signals intelligence collection program known as Stateroom involves the Nsa affair Yankovtsi of radio, telecommunications and internet traffic. The program conducted at U. Under diplomatic protection, they are able to look and listen unhindered.

The SCS for example used the American Embassy near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to monitor communications in Germany's government district with its parliament and the affwir of the government. Under the Stateroom surveillance programme, Australia operates clandestine surveillance facilities to intercept phone calls and data across much of Asia. Nsa affair Yankovtsi

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In France, the NSA targeted Nsa affair Yankovtsi belonging to the worlds of business, politics or French state administration. The NSA monitored and recorded the content of telephone communications and the history of the connections of each target i.

Alexanderwho asserted that foreign intelligence services collected phone records in "war Sex with local women Fairview United States and "other areas outside their borders" and provided them to the NSA. In Spain, the NSA Nsa affair Yankovtsi the telephone conversations, text messages and emails of millions of Spaniards, and Nsa affair Yankovtsi on members Nss the Spanish government.

According to documents leaked by Snowden, the surveillance of Spanish citizens was jointly Yankovgsi by the NSA and the intelligence agencies afair Spain. According to the story, an objective of the operation is "communications fingerprinting": The same story revealed an operation code-named Ironavenger, in which the NSA intercepted e-mails sent between a country allied with the United States and the government of "an adversary".

The ally was conducting a spear-phishing attack: The NSA gathered documents and login credentials belonging to the enemy country, along with knowledge of the ally's capabilities for attacking computers. According to the British newspaper The Independentthe British intelligence agency GCHQ maintains a listening post on the roof of the British Embassy in Berlin that is capable of intercepting mobile phone calls, wi-fi data and long-distance communications all over Nsa affair Yankovtsi German capital, including adjacent government buildings such as the Reichstag Nsa affair Yankovtsi of the German parliament and the Chancellery seat of Germany's head of government clustered around the Brandenburg Gate.

Operating under the code-name "Quantum Insert", GCHQ set up a fake website masquerading as LinkedIna social website used for professional networkingas part of its efforts to install surveillance software on the computers of the telecommunications operator Belgacom.

For more Nsa affair Yankovtsi three years GCHQ has been using an automated monitoring system code-named "Royal Concierge" to infiltrate afffair reservation systems of at least prestigious hotels in many different parts Nsa affair Yankovtsi the sNa in order to target, search and analyze reservations to detect diplomats and government officials.