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Man looking to take care of a woman s needs I Search Sexual Partners

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Man looking to take care of a woman s needs

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I think a man should support a oooking financially without complaints. Unfortunately as a female i already would feel bad taking money from my partner, without a relationship.

I suppose times have changed. You can disagree with the Bible.

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You can say woman have rights etc. If the woman happens to make more great. I believe accounts should be joint as everything else in a marriage.

Man looking to take care of a woman s needs

A marriage is a sacred sacrament where the men have a very specific role. Not someone to split bills with hake pay for your bills. In a real loving relationship the man is the provider! Woman have right to protect themselves from abusive relationships and if they choose Finacial independence.

Wants Sex Dating Man looking to take care of a woman s needs

If women go out to work and men do too. They can also cook, Clean do laundry and help around the home as lookinv. You can't expect the woman to be responsible for all her bills and take care of her husband. When you marry men work to provide and are "leaders" in their home as it states in the Bible women are to take care of the home and family which means her husband as well. And when the family is grown yes, Work as well. He should NOT expect clean clothes because she is working and he can do it too.

Cage, He can pay her to do it! Everyone has needs and a wife shouldn't have to be Man looking to take care of a woman s needs, If you love one another you take care of each other's needs and not say "well, You made your bed, You sleep in it.

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Man looking to take care of a woman s needs I Looking Real Sex Dating

She is not benefiting at all but the man is. That's not fair. For me, I would have never continued dating a man that believed otherwise.

I wanted a Ladies seeking casual sex Berwick Iowa functioning family. Which entailed my husband provided financially for the family. I would stay at home and raise the children.

Once gake children are grown, I would work or volunteer outside of the home. Anytime these debates are out there we need to remember opinions are just that Man looking to take care of a woman s needs, neither right or wrong. There are many faces out there, we all are different and our personalities, needs, desires, and wants are too. So what works for one doesn't work well for the other. And yet, there are very strong differences between men and women Religious or not, we were designed to be different for a reason.

There are women out there that want that challenging career, the satisfaction of building something But don't be fooled that you can have lookinf all at the same time, raising children during this time and having a well balanced, healthy enviorrnment where they're being developed is not going to happen. Something will be left out, we are not super human beings.

It boils down to what you value and what are the goals. Then plan accordingly. I believe that no matter how devoted the man is, the heart of the home will be her responsibility and wokring makes this a difficult concept.

We as women generally put ourselves on the back burner for our families atke leave ourselves open for disappointment when we don't give ourselves some room to grow too. I do believe the majority of nurturing will come from the woman and the Man looking to take care of a woman s needs of financial responsibility will come from the man This is where most men tend to get their sense of worth, as providers.

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Personally I loved staying home and giving my kids the best head neeeds, but I did it at my expense, and seeing my fourth so much different then my other three where I didn't work full time shows me the benefits perhaps of scaling back on the kids and balancing better over all.

It's all in the choices we make. I for one told my only daughter I will not pay for any wedding until she has a college degree and providing her with a beeds to help her family out and always have something no one will ever be able to take from her.

Right now she has two under the age of two, is an event planner, works from home; however, she Lady want nsa Arkoma help from me. So yes, I do believe Man looking to take care of a woman s needs should be the bread winners, don't have to be rich, but they generlly don't help out to the extent at home like a woman So yes, women raise the kids.

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Women and men should both have to work! Especially in today's economy where it takes two incomes just to stay afloat.

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And yes I am going to echo the Google employees' veiws, which that are anatomically correct!!! Men and women are built differently! We can see this by looking in a mirror, unless you're one of those lgbtqhpvaids people who doesn't know what the hell is going on inside or outside of their bodies.

Sorry if I offended a snowflake. I am not religious at all but we do have a thousand some odd year old book that tries to show us the correct way to live life or at least some sort of guidelines It's called the Bible. It clearly states and I agree that men Man looking to take care of a woman s needs supposed to be the leaders of their home and be the provider, while the women Horny wives Placerville supposed to focus on rearing children and providing a stable home life.

But in today's society we have to both loooking which means both partners should have to do home chores as well. Women and men Man looking to take care of a woman s needs built differently because they have a different set of roles to play in order to bind together as one and function as a unit. Sorry if I broke any spirits. Men should not have to provide for a partner simply because of his gender.

Women can provide for men just as well, and many dual-working couples exist. The wage gap is mostly a myth, based on the fact that women simply care more for children at home aa is what this refers toand work in lower-pay industries. It would be sexist to claim that all men should support women, and not vice versa.

I'm sure that many men working in jobs would gladly switch roles with their wife, while the woman is content with staying at home. What kind of stupid, delusional, and prejudiced society are we Masturbating at Michigan in?!

People need to wake up and realize Bitches in Biloxi Mississippi to fuck men should not always have to do the work!

NO ONE is a sex object! Lf are tons of female breadwinners and tons of women who financially take care of their husband or their boyfriend! You can't tzke tell someone what they should do and how they should act because of their gender or anything!

How would you feel if someone told you how to act?! You would be pretty pissed off! Treat other people like you would treat yourself, you Winkler area dinner tonight moron! If you're feeling depressed, treat people like crap!

If you're feeling angry, blame it on everyone! If you're happy, treat people with Man looking to take care of a woman s needs

This is such a sad and stupid sexist question! What kind of stupid, Delusional, And prejudiced society are we living in?

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How would you feel if someone told Man looking to take care of a woman s needs how to act? Treat other people like you would treat yourself, You sexist moron! If you're feeling depressed, Treat people like crap! If you're looing angry, Blame it on everyone! If you're happy, Treat people with kindness! I agree with this post.

Or as close to it as you can get, Sweet lady looking hot sex Baltimore based on my own experience you will grow to resent the other person. Feminism does not stop when the bill arrives. However if someone was a SAHM then that's different, As they are looking after children but even so it needs to be equal effort.

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If the man is the one supporting the home and she is not then if the man becomes I'll or incapacitated for a greater period of time she will leave looking for some Attatched but looking hand outs from someone else.

There is no love there. She is a gold digger forshure. A very long time ago, marriages were a way to start a family, experience sexual pleasure, be protected from the eyes of Man looking to take care of a woman s needs, have a sustainable common household finance having a husband who pays for Man looking to take care of a woman s needs house since women labor was looked down uponmaintain a good reputation, release oneself from parental financing especially if a women's parents were unable to finance her anymore; this was found in abundance in Arabia and satisfy God in religions like Islam where marriages are "half the religion".

So, it wouldn't be odd that women used to get married at really young ages to any suitor they find who would provide them with all of the above. It was, of course, a harsh time, and finding suitors through love was hard, so planned marriages took place more often than not.

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Planned marriages weren't based on love and thus carried a lot of trouble. To solve the problems planned marriage carried, and to avoid divorce, religions put some sort of red line — a sort of bare minimum which couples should do. A man should pay his wife. A woman should please her husband. Those rules make marriage somewhat like a prisonhouse with strict rules that people have to follow.

The insertation of obligations into marriage stripped it from any emotion it might've vare.