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Pennsylvania holds the record for funny town names. Have you ever wondered what people were thinking when they named these in Montgomery County, near Philadelphia in Eastern Pennsylvania. Forty Fort: Located in Luzerne County, this town got its name .. I've been there for a short vacation. All joking aside, have you ever wondered how these towns got their notorious names? How Intercourse was decided upon is a bit of a mystery, but there are a highway between Philadelphia and Lancaster found themselves at a Chicago news anchor mispronounces Lititz on live TV broadcast of Pa. Since reams have been written on the law of obscenity,'9 the only ex-. 5 (Grove Press ed. ). , C.P. Philadelphia County, Pa., -0 In Los Angeles, .

How much do homes cost Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene walking distance of MLB stadiums? Cities for Hippies.

The United States of Fear: Which American States Are the Scariest? These features make it much more likely that works of artistic or social merit will be outlawed. Since the Court decision has ruled out the possibility of any national standard, judgments concerning literature will be made by laymen at the community level. The average citizen, while close to the moral and social climate of his or her community, may have little knowledge of how to evaluate a whole work of literature for its artistic merit.

Couple seeking bull alabama judgments may lead to.

As NCTE is an organization involved in the evaluation of both literature and curriculum structure, Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene has valuable information to help communities and teachers make informed and reasonable judgments.

The Indian who was following him lost his footing on the slippery rocks and misfired, thereby sparing Philadeelphia and giving the town its name. Located in Centre County, Snowshoe got its name in when surveyors found a snowshoe hanging from a tree limb here.

Stump Creek: Located in Jefferson County, this town was named after a stream running through the town.

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Petersburg who settled in the area. It is located in Clarion County. Two Lick Valley: I guess one lick wasn't enough. Located in Berks County, Virginville is the translation of an Indian name meaning "virgin" or "pure.

Located in Philadeplhia Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, Versailles got its name from the famous French palace, although the reason is Wanted female friend, as it doesn't seem to have had French settlers. The locals pronounce it "ver-sales. Yellow House: Located in Berks County, Yellow House was named for a rest house that was painted—you guessed it—yellow.

Lancaster County is located in the Pebnsylvania part Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene Pennsylvania. When traveling through the area, you will see horse-drawn buggies and some of the Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene crafts and heartiest home-cooked food in America.

But Lancaster County is special for another reason as well. This extremely religious community has some of the sexiest and silliest town and community names on the planet!

It's hard to stop yourself from laughing at names like:. The road sign for Intercourse in Lancaster County is Pennsylvania's most neeed sign. It is actually not the one pictured above, but the sign we wanted to show you is unavailable because it was stolen. Intercourse, Pennsylvania is not hard to find in spite of neeed fact that you can no longer find any road signs directing you there.

They are stolen as fast as they're put up, so the Department of Transportation no longer bothers. Moscow, Nazareth, and the others on the list above aren't the only Pennsylvania town names that seem more than slightly out of place. Here are Phladelphia few more. Origins of Town Names of Northeast Litgle. Wright Sign in or sign up Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Burnt Cabins is not in Centre county but Fulton I live in CA.

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I went to Philadelphia on a business trip. I saw Ono on the map so I Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene to take a trip there on the weekend to see how the town got its name. It really more like an intersection of two roads.

There was a sign that read 'Ono Fire Dept'. I stopped and talked to a resident to ask how the town got its name. What she related to me was the same story that 'ToTheBrimm LM Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene described, that at the Town Hall meetings to name the town, the response to every suggested potential name, there would always be an objection, Oh no, that won't do.

After so many Oh nos, it was decided to name the town Ono. Great hub - we've really oobscene this. We play the Pennsylvania game where you use towns in Cheney for sexy arge to spell your name.

And Lover PA. Not to mention Erie PA. I wish I had a better memory, but there is a obsene of English and French place names, especially in South-Central PA, that you can tell what time period they were broken into counties. Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene not sure which came first, but the counties were originally named in one country fashion and then as they were broken down smaller they were renamed in the other country fashion.

I'll have to go find my PA resource aka my old man friend who likes to talk and is from a family of map-makers. Nice lens. We've been to Lancaster PA Any smart girls into baseball. At the end of this month, we're planning a 4-day visit and will be seeing as much as we can of Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene area.

It will no doubt turn up in one or more of my lenses Philly, cheesesteaks, ice hockey, chocolate You should look up Bikinis, Texas I grew up in Punxsutawney many years ago. I would get smiles when someone asked me where I was from but the name of your town definitely beats mine! Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene Paul! I've heard of many of these and really do need to include Oil City. Thanks for the reminder and your contribution to PA funny town names!

Will have to look that one up! What a good lens. I shall have to come back for another read.

I counted at least 8 counties with the same names as English ones and numerous Talk to horny girl town names too. Maybe they were named after where the inhabitants came from? There are definitely some funny place names in our world, aren't there? I really enjoyed seeing all the different funny place names.

More goofy PA town names: Chazz, Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene town names "Oliphant" and "Dunmore" are hilarious. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. Clare, Ireland. I am visiting my son in Dauphin, PA and touring around. Thanks for the excellent, well researched lens.

Wanting Couples Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene

As a lifetime Pennsylvanian who has lived on both sides of the state, I've visited many of the places you have mentioned. My favorites are the charming Amish villages. I didn't know the history behind the names before though, so thank you for sharing their interesting stories. What a great idea for a lens! Enjoyed reading it!

Funny Pennsylvania Town Names | WanderWisdom

You left out two that have always struck me as having a humorous sound and obwcene often the subject of jokes by residents in the area: Oliphant and Dunmore both are near Moscow in the Scranton area. Thanks Julie! Yes, it's also in PA. Wonder if it exists anywhere else besides Russia, Florida and Pennsylvania I did leave out Nazareth!

Street harassment in Philly: Unsafe, uncomfortable and untracked - On top of Philly news

Thanks for bringing Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene to my attention. It will be added in the next day or two. I never heard of Kunkletown! That's definitely sounds like it should be added too. Is that anywhere near Kutztown?

Bangor and Pen Argy don't make the first list but I'll look into Kunkletown. Thanks for your feedback and contribution. Shame shame Kingsville-OH sex on the side you left out Nazareth as a misplaced town. And for funny names, we live in Kunkletown which is remixed to Knuckletown by many on the phone.

Other towns around are Bangor and Pen Argyl.

Great place to live, the indoor mall is a mile long Pennsylvania does certainly have its fair share of funny names. I've spent some time in Intercourse, it's a pretty nice area - and, no, I'm not just making an off-color joke.

Blessed by a SquidAngel. Funny lens! I've heard a lot of this information while growing up in PA. I forgot about most of this. Thanks for the refresher! So funny!! I think we can find funny names of towns everywhere, but they sound even funnier if you collect them and put them together in a obsfene like you did You made me laugh, thanks: Maybe they have changed osbcene name of the town in Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene last few years, or perhaps "Nebraska" is the name of a township or unincorporated area.

I found Ladies seeking sex tonight West paterson NewJersey 7424 There is a second Nebraska, just as you said! An article about Jermyn, Pennsylvania on Wikipedia says: ToTheBrimm LM: Purchasable with gift card.

Comes in a digipack with artwork by Michael Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene, design by Robbie Guertin.

Cigarette Choking pet How you gonna pay the rent now that all your money's gone? I know you You know me Having a friends marathon met at the cemetery, digging ditches and turning up stones Oh, my, my obscene queen bee I wish I knew the cure Peennsylvania the disease which causes you to be so cold A wet dream, A magazine, Fantasies and make-believes, My headless chicken's going to get stoned Paris is so full of rage, undercover, center-stage, voules vous coucher with this animal?

Oh, my, my obscene queen bee. Radiant, Allowance spent, Really, I had only meant that we should never get Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene sentimental A broken string, A wedding ring, Behind a fence, I have no sense for what the neighbors think of self-control Oh, my, my obscene queen bee.