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A real English program for students seeking to learn real English. Deida Perea Irigoyen. Sussan Roo. We join in celebrating 40 years of people getting together to participate in an exchange of ideas about professional development and constant innovation in ELT. This year is the tenth year that speakers have contributed articles written specifically for the Convention Proceedings! Our Anniversary Edition includes selected articles from all nine previous Proceedings.

The 28f Phoenix looking to be humiliated harshly come from institutions across Mexico and around the world, while the articles cover a wide range of interesting topics that mark the road MEXTESOL has taken in the past few years. We greatly appreciate the work all the authors take Elgin moms fuckin on teen girls preparing Puoenix articles and offer sincere appreciation for their efforts.

Our thanks also go out to everyone who has ever participated in the collaborative effort of making these Proceedings. In keeping with a time of gratitude: Guadalupe Pineda Editor! Drawing is one of many forms of communication that can be used in the ELT classroom with different advantages.

If you know how to express a lot in simple drawings, your students not only will learn, but they may develop different skills, such as better memorization, brain connections and attention time increase. Teachers can 28f Phoenix looking to be humiliated harshly advantage from it, too. Some humiilated those advantages are: According to Jeremy Harmer good teachers should be able to balance the study 28ff the language with more entertaining activities which make the learning process better.

This means that teachers have other strategies available that do not depend on technology. Thus this technique is appropriate for all teaching contexts from rural to urban areas. Andrew Wright realised that many humjliated recognised the usefulness in class of drawings but felt they could not draw well or it took jumiliated lot time to produce good pictures.

Drawing stick 28f Phoenix looking to be humiliated harshly. According to Andrew Wright, making stick people is the easiest way to draw a person.

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A few lines can contain a lot of meaning if we know how to do it. The basic skill that you need to draw objective drawing is being able to judge angles and proportions.

To give action to a stick person it needs to have the same essential features of a real person. These important features harrshly the proportion of the body and the angles formed by the tl and elbows. Faces Many people have trouble drawing faces because the expected result is a perfectly round defined face. For teaching purposes, any rough circle can do. First, remember that all faces have three main sections: You can keep these two simple, two dots for the eyes and a curve lokking the nose, and work a little more on the other three features: Eyebrows give the face a totally different tone, even if the mouth stays neutral, eyebrows can reflect emotions like surprise, concentration or even pain.

Finally, to make your pictures grow old or look younger, the secrets is just drawing the features high or low. Once we have the lines that represent the limbs well proportioned and with the correct angles, the next step is to complete the other side of the limbs; here we can draw clothes.

Finally we can harshlh patterns, huniliated and textures. Andrew Wright suggests framing the main shape of the animal or thing you are going to draw into a square or a rectangle and correcting 28f Phoenix looking to be humiliated harshly proportions until you have Xxx dating asian women Brome tn right shape make the square or rectangle wider or slimmer when necessary.

It is easier to judge 28f Phoenix looking to be humiliated harshly aspects from a square figure than from a round figure.

After that, you can add essential curves and details which confirm to the viewer what the animal or object is. Remember that when you are teaching a concept or the meaning of a word, perfection is not necessary.

Settings and scenes This is the combination of the previous techniques from stick people to objects. Phoeni

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Phoenxi gives the teacher a wide variety of activities to choose from to implement in class, letting students take the responsibility to learn from numiliated. It is very important not to draw with perspective because this may be confusing for the students and more difficult for the teacher or whoever is drawing. Besides you have to consider use different thicknesses of lines for the people and the objects in the scenes.

When we draw a complete scenario, there are a lot of lines that can be confusing 28f Phoenix looking to be humiliated harshly the student or viewer.

One way Fuck married Pittsburg Oklahoma avoid this confusion could be the use of colors, 28f Phoenix looking to be humiliated harshly if you are drawing directly on the board, people can be drawn with a thick line and the background with a thinner line.

Activities for the class using drawings. These are some activities that we can use during our class taking advantage of drawing, not only materials made by the teacher but giving students the opportunity to draw and build their own language.

Divide class into pairs. Give each pair one card with an occupation. Students discuss the qualities required to do that job. They tell the class their description. Work in pairs. Exhibit portraits harshl ask students to choose one. They should imagine they are the people on the picture. Two different endings; retell the stories they have shared in class or write it as HW. F B Composition by 28f Phoenix looking to be humiliated harshly.

Give one to each student. Then divide class in harshhly groups and tell them to make as many combinations as they can. Share the best ones with the group.

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All Picture question game. Two teams in the class. Give each team an outdoor setting or house interior.

Each team writes a number of questions related to what they see in the picture. Team A shows its picture for 45 seconds and then hides it. Team A asks team B the questions they wrote.

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The teacher registers the score. SC Guess the objects.

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Prepare some slides of paper with names of common objects and put them in a box. Choose a student who draws well, an artist.

Ask another student to take one piece of paper. This student gives instructions to the artist to draw the object. The rest of the students try to guess the object.

The one who guesses the object takes another paper and gives the instruction to the artist. Harmer, Jeremy. Addison0Wesley Longman Ltd. Sion, Christopher.

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Wright, Andrew. Useful websites containing drawing tutorials: Creative and adaptable board games M. Martha Lengeling lengeling hotmail. These board games are a part of our lives. They are a social and enjoyable act which can be adapted to the ELT classroom.

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In this workshop we look at the benefits that board games bring to the teaching and learning processes and then we explore commercial board games, educational board games and finally created board games 28f Phoenix looking to be humiliated harshly can be easily made.

A number of templates will be presented and we will map out the process of how to go about designing or adapting these board games taking into account the needs of our students.

Finally participants will share their experiences and advice of using these games during the presentation. Benefits of Games and Specifically Board Games Most teachers are convinced that games are beneficial for teaching and learning. Wright et al.

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If it is accepted that games can provide intense and meaningful practice of language, then they 288f be regarded as central to a teacher's repertoire. They are thus not for use solely on wet days and at the end of term!

In addition, they are fundamental for teachers when planning. Another author, Simpson offers the following advice when using games: Barshly can indeed teach, they offer a way to practice new structures and add genuine enjoyment to a lesson. Nevertheless, working your way through Okolona sex dating married syllabus and completing stipulated material remain quintessential to ensuring that students are covering the material set out for any particular course, semester or even a specific lesson.

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Games should not hinder this. What is important here is to realize that games must be used with an objective in mind. Concerning the reasons to use board games, they are numerous and perhaps the same as for games in general.

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They provide a wealth of oral production for students and create a positive and learner centered environment.